Responsible Gambling Policy

gamble safely

Too many gambling businesses and gambling information websites fail to effectively address safe gambling. However, this is a problem that we at take extremely seriously and that all gamblers and consumers should be conscious of. Please review and consider the information in our Responsible Gambling Policy.

You should always gamble knowing all the hazards involved, whether you’re doing it online, on your PC or mobile device, or in a physical casino.

Gambling is not a form of income and you will lose most of the time. So it is crucial to be realistic about what you expect from your gambling and to establish and adhere to boundaries before beginning to gamble at any Singapore online casino. 

There are numerous resources for responsible gambling which can be accessible online that can assist you in setting realistic boundaries on your gambling. For example, you will have access to a variety of tools to assist safe and responsible gambling when you register with a regulated gambling website or app, including the useful option to set gaming limits.

A deposit-related limit is one of the most effective ways to control your use of online casinos. This type of deposit cap may be established to last for as long as you like and at any financial level.

Typically, a deposit limit will require you to set an amount of money and a predetermined time frame, through the Responsible Gambling section of that site’s pages. You won’t be able to make any additional deposits until the time has passed after you’ve reached this limit.

Even if you are not currently concerned about your gaming, establishing a deposit cap can be a useful strategy to keep your gambling in check.

Along with deposit restrictions, online casinos also offer the option to self-exclude for a certain period of time or indefinitely, according to your situation.

This self-exclusion option is a powerful method to prevent you from visiting a site or any affiliated sites that provide casino gaming. You won’t be able to use the websites you’ve listed as part of the self-exclusion for any purpose, including making deposits or placing bets. Once your request for self-exclusion has been registered, it will remain in effect for the duration of the exclusion period.

Given that they are obligated by the terms of their licenses to take all reasonable measures to promote the safe use of their sites, all respectable Singapore online casinos must provide assistance in the shape of Responsible Gambling tools.

Additionally to these helpful tools, you may be able to access resources to help you if you feel that you are at risk of gambling addiction. 

WE CARE offers ongoing support to help you overcome your addiction. 

Gamblers Anonymous provides support resources for people affected by gambling problems 

Get Cold Tukey offers software that is able to block all gambling websites 

Remember: gambling for some people can be addictive, so never spend essential money at an online casino, set strong limits and if you feel you may have a gambling problem, use the tools, guidance and contacts outlined above to address the problem.