Privacy Policy


This page outlines the Privacy Policy of We make this information available to you in order to offer transparency on the way that we handle and retain personal data. Please spend some time reading through our policy as well as the entirety of our Terms and Conditions.

We care about your privacy and understand the importance of personal information security. We don’t require registration to use this website or to read the material on these pages, which means that we don’t collect personal data from you when you browse, which also maximizes our availability.

However, we do employ software called “cookies.” When a user accesses our website, a cookie is automatically placed on that user’s device. This form of software makes it possible for us to retain useful information that enables us to improve the site for everyone. The cookies are easy to remove by using your browser settings and they can also be blocked using any online safety software program.

Any browser of the site may reach us by email through the address that is posted on this page. Please be aware that while we try to answer all questions, there can sometimes be a delay, especially if we are experiencing a high volume of inquiries. You won’t receive promotional material as a result of making an inquiry with us as we never save the email account details of any user who sends us a question.

You may be required to submit certain personal details if you wish to participate in a competition or subscribe to a newsletter that is advertised on this website. This information is often required to guarantee that third parties running contests or other promotions have the proper contact information for issuing prizes and other rewards. 

We will safely keep any data we obtain in these situations. Although it is impossible to ensure that every network is 100% secure at all times, we take full responsibility for the correct handling of your personal details very seriously and use all reasonable efforts to protect your data at all times.

We only request personal details when it is absolutely required to do so, and we have stringent time restrictions regarding the length of time that we are able to keep this data. This is in accordance with our comprehensive data processing and security policy.

We may occasionally welcome and allow site visitors to submit comments, recommendations, or other feedback. In doing so, we might ask users for some basic personal details, like your email address or your name, but you can be assured that the stringent data retention policy described above will be followed in the usage and storage of this information.

Our Privacy Policy is always timestamped with the most recent date that it was updated, as you can see. In the future, if we modify the policy, we’ll also timestamp those modifications. To confirm that you are completely up to speed with the most recent policy, kindly visit this page on our website frequently.