Online Craps Singapore

online craps

Craps is one of those games that has long been associated with the casino, and the development of online casino sites has seen the game enjoy a new wave of popularity around the world. Although Sic Bo is a significant dice-casino rivals, Craps has a big audience and is one of the most popular online casino games in the Singapore market. Read on to learn more about this fascinating casino game and how you can find the best online sites to play real money Craps in Singapore. 

The Story of Craps

There are many stories about the development of Craps. Some historians suggest that it was first played by Roman soldiers, who used animal knuckle bones for dice, or that it originated from the game of Al Dar, popular in Arab countries, which was then taken to Europe by merchants. 

The game began to take on its modern form in France and its name may derive from the French word ‘crapaud’ which means toads, and may have been a reference to the hunched and squatting postures of the players as they rolled the dice on the street or in alleyways. It later spread to the US via New Orleans and as a staple of Las Vegas casinos, took its place in the growing online casino sector. 

How Does Online Craps Work?

Craps is a classic dice game in which players make their bets on a betting board and then two dice are rolled to determine which bets win, but there is plenty of complexity added to the basic game. In a real casino, players take it in turn to roll the dice, and there is two rounds of betting, but the advantage of online craps games is that they provide detailed instructions on how to play and bet, and you can usually play in free play mode while you learn how the game works. 

Is Online Craps Legal in Singapore?

Singapore’s online gambling position is not straightforward, and this is something that many Asian countries have in common. Despite the fact that gambling is prohibited in the nation, the nation’s laws have not kept up with the growth of the internet or new technology.

Fans of Craps can play their preferred casino games on foreign platforms, the majority of which support the primary Singaporean languages and currency, so the absence of Singapore-registered gambling sites should not be a barrier to finding the best online casino experiences. 

How to Find the Best Craps Site in Singapore

In Singapore, there are numerous options for playing Craps online, and the variety of options can make it challenging to choose the best website. These are the main aspects that, in our view, you should take into account while selecting a craps website so that you can maximise your experience.

Look for Reputable Sites

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you use an online casino, you will be making money transfers through the website, as well as sharing some of your personal data. Ensuring the security of your data is, therefore, crucial and one of the best ways to safeguard this is to avoid websites without legitimate licences. Be wary of online casino sites unless they display licences from the best and most well-known casino regulators, such as the Curacao licence.

Regulation-compliant websites must adhere to tight rules governing finances, data security, and game impartiality, and they usually highlight these requirements on their websites. They also have to be transparent about their certificates, accreditations, and encryption methods. Unlicensed sites do not have to attain these standards and cannot be trusted to protect your data or even to payout your winnings. By sticking to licensed and regulated sites, you can significantly reduce your risks. 

Good Mobile Compatibility

Most of us use our mobile devices for internet access and it is natural for online casinos to offer the chance to play Craps online on the go. Some sites will offer a downloadable app that can be acquired from the site itself or through the relevant app store, while others will provide a mobile-adapted site that runs smoothly in any mobile browser. Some online casinos provide both!

Make sure that the site you are planning to sign up with offers all of its games to mobile device users and that your device meets the minimum requirements to play the various games on that site before you sign up. And look out for mobile-only welcome bonuses and promotions!

The Banking System you Want

Having fast and responsive access to your favourite banking system and preferred currencies can make playing Craps at online casino sites significantly easier. When examining a website’s banking choices, there are many things to take into account, but the following factors are the most important:

  • Will I be able to use my preferred banking option?
  • Does the site offer SGD transactions?
  • Is the casino quick or slow to payout?
  • What about fees?
  • What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits?
  • Do certain banking methods invalidate the welcome bonus?

Live Online Craps Casino in Singapore

Online casino gaming offers plenty of convenience but some players would also like some of the real atmosphere of an old-fashioned casino. Thanks to the innovations of online casino development companies, this is now possible, through live online casinos. 

These games, which include multiple variants of Craps, are streamed from specially designed studios that are equipped like real casinos. The Craps tables are the real thing, and they are run by trained dealers, with whom you can sometimes interact. Some versions may also enable you to interact with your fellow players. Live online Craps may not be available at every Singapore online casino, but if you find one that offers it, check it out in free play, as you may find it brings a new dimension to your enjoyment of Craps.


Singapore casino gamers can choose from a wide variety of online Craps varieties, and the game is a lot of fun to play. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that gambling in casinos is never a way to get rich or a solution to financial problems. Set severe restrictions on how much time and money you spend playing online craps, and make sure you never place bets with funds you can’t afford to lose.